Osmania Carpets gently hand-washes and deodorizes your area rugs using quality natural soap free of harmful chemicals. Handmade and hand-knotted wool and silk area rugs are crafted in a meticulous manner over the course of weeks and months and require special care. After investing in a good quality hand-woven rug it is important to take the steps necessary for the rug to remain looking like the quality rug it is for generations and years to come. Only have your rugs serviced by professional rug cleaners that will wash your carpet by hand using full immersion cleaning techniques to get rid of dusty and bad smells and to keep the rug and its fringes looking brand new.

At Osmania Carpets, your rug is in good hands and goes through a detailed process of deep cleaning. We first inspect your rug for moth infestation and other damages and will work with you thoughout the whole process from pickup to delivery. If your rug needs treatment or repairs our specialists will discuss with you what the best course of action is. We shampoo your rug on both sides, rinse in a constant flow of water. The fringe is meticulously detailed for optimal results. After quality insurance inspection to make sure that all the stains and odours are gone the carpet is then allowed to completely air dry.

Never use standard carpet cleaning solutions that are readily available in retail stores. The harsh chemicals may destroy the wool or silk fibers and alter the rug colour.

To keep your rug looking new have it professionally cleaned at least once every 2 years and vacuum the rug at least once per week between cleanings. Do not vacuum the fringe.

Perform immediate spot cleaning for spills and animal urine with room temperature water and immediately call us for assistance. We will schedule a pickup the same day or at your earliest convenience.

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